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Professional Quality

We use only the highest quality lenses and lighting equipment.  Whether we need a super wide angle lens, or a long zoom, we come ready to capture.  We work with a variety of HDR formats perfect for showcasing real estate. 

Fast Turnaround

We strive to complete most shoots and have the edited images back to the client within 24 hours.  Most can be completed within the same day if the property is ready when scheduled.

Drone & Aerial Photos

Drone photos are available when they can be captured safely.

What we do & what it costs

Tim Hanley, Photographer

  • UAV (Drone) Pilot since 2011. 
  • FAA Part 107 certified as a UAS (Drone) pilot. 


  • Whether you need to photograph a 2 bedroom condo or a 7 bedroom 5 bath luxury home, the $50 photoshoot will meet most anyone's needs.  First, the program is laid out and the shot list is determined.  Then the photo session is scheduled.  Once the shoot is concluded, the photos are edited and uploaded into your specific photo gallery so the final images may be shared with the property owner.  Download only the photos that meet your needs.  There is no minimum purchase.  Photos are purchased at the time of download for $50 each. There is no minimum purchase.

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Tim Hanley, Photographer, Certified UAS (Drone) Pilot

  • Drones are not needed on every property.  Some properties are in restricted areas where flying a drone isn't possible.  But a great presentation is always possible, with or without the use of a drone.  If you are interested in presenting a property in a way that it will stand out, why not give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.

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